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Multiroom audio with a living room

Krijtenberg Sound & Vision

Krijtenberg Sound & Vision

Multiroom solution with TV cinema living, outdoor

Living Cinema, Multiroom, Outdoor

Region Utrecht

Brands Quartz AV portfolio

  • CI700 custom InWall – InCeiling series
  • CI600 custom InWall – InCeiling series
  • AM-1 all weather monitor

Customer wish
Through an Architect friend, this family with children visited Krijtenberg Sound & Vision in Co van der Horst's Boutique Concept Store in Amstelveen. Gerard and Marcel Krijtenberg have their permanent home for audio and video experience solutions in this turnkey solution store for interiors. The family indicated that audio video entertainment was an important part of their new home building plans. The aim: truly enjoy to experience music and film as well as F1 and gaming as intended. In short, the palette of questions was diverse. After a nice demonstration of the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond Series, the choice for the loudspeaker brand was quickly made, partly due to this brand's very extensive portfolio and best value for money at every price point.

The end-result
In the TV living room the CI700 series was applied with both the front and rear speakers installed in the ceiling, together with a separate subwoofer. It has become an extremely cozy multifunctional cocoon space with a very high level of finishing in terms of design and AV reproduction. By using the CI600 in-ceiling speakers in several rooms of the house, a balanced and clear, non-fatiguing sound image is achieved due to the correct distribution of the sound when the same music is played everywhere. Outside, the multi-function AM-1 monitor was used for very balanced, stressless background music. The family intensely enjoys this highly successful integration with optimal sound quality.  The detail, soundstage and accurate high, mid and low reproduction, takes care of a very successful implementation of the specified integrated solution.


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