Region Zwolle

Mancave in 'Veluws' forrest



Mancave in 'Veluws' forrest

Cinema, Multiroom, Wellness, Outdoor 

Region Zwolle, Netherlands

Brands Quartz AV portfolio

  • Mancave / Cinema
    • Bowers&Wilkins CI700 custom InWall series (7.3S2 front, 7.4S2 surrounds)
    • Bowers&Wilkins DB2 x Subwoofer
    • Bowers & Wilkins CCM683 Inceiling speakers
  • Wellness
  • Bowers&Wilkins All weather AM-1 monitor

Customer wish
During an extensive visit to the enchanting MoreSenz experience center in Nijkerk, the customer quickly was convinced that he came to the right place. He was looking for an integrated AV solution at a very high level for his new premises, matching the planned Mancave that radiates pure beauty and is executed like a hideaway in the forest. Unobtrusive audio and video at the appropriate level of quality was further requested for the entire property. In addition to hidden AV in a multiroom setting and sound in the pool area, the focus was crystal clear on the exceptional execution of the Mancave in the basement, both in sound & vision.

The end-result
The acoustics were carefully evaluated resulting in shielded walls and a tense ceiling, both with sound solutions and sufficient sound absorption/diffusion. The mancave (Bar and Living Cinema) was custom designed with beautiful dark green leather and acoustic panels while the bar stools are upholstered with the same luxurious fabric as the Cinema lounge sofa, which comfortably can accommodate the entire family.  Bowers & Wilkins' widely appreciated CI700 in-wall series fits seamlessly into this forrest setting. Finally, the execution of transition of the built-in speakers into the leather panels, shows a whole new reference level in this type of application.

When Ben arrived for the final inspection to assess his team's hard work, he was immediately invited to watch a movie with the owner. The fantastic sound quality, the cinematic power of the system in both film and music, and the impactful bass response are a testament to "mission completed."  The cinema sofa is rated, "You have to try this!". Being able to use the remote control to extend the sofa to lie comfortably is clearly a winner. This new mancave will undoubtedly be used a lot.  A birthday party was already planned the same week....


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