Netherland, regio Utrecht

Luxury custom home cinema in African ambience

Mutrox / JNV

JNV: Home automation, A/V equipment, lighting
Mutrox: Acoustics, Cinema-design, build, Audio & Video calibration
JNV & Mutrox: Realisation & installation

Luxury custom home cinema in African ambience

Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Custom Cinema

Brands Quartz AV portfolio

  • Bowers & Wilkins
    • CI800D series loudspeakers
    • CT SW-15 Subwoofers x 4
    • SA1000 Subwoofer Amplifier x 4
  •  Rotel
    • 5 Channel Amplification

Customer wish
For an absolute enthusiast, home automation specialist JNV Audiovisual realised a dazzling African-style cinema in collaboration with cinema builder Mutrox. Because the client wanted the best possible sound reproduction, in Mutrox's showroom he quickly arrived at the Bowers & Wilkins CI 800 series. Also a lot of attention was paid to the image quality with a beautiful Sony 4K projector, a 'Cinemascope' screen and an anamorphic lens. Every design detail was carefully considered, especially the overall looks of the room. Through a combination of luxurious fabrics, tough wood textures and the right accessories, the desired African atmosphere was created. All 'immersive' sound formats had to be playable, of course, so the placement of the speakers was fine-tuned to meet this request.

The supply of both audio and video equipment, lighting controls, multi-room audio and home automation were provided by JNV Audiovisual Tastemakers. A single Crestron remote control can control everything in the cinema. The construction of the cinema, the aesthetic and acoustic design and the adjustment of image and sound were carried out by Mutrox.

The end-result
What a beautiful room to behold! The outstanding sound quality and very lifelike image give this home theater the ultimate goosebumps vibe! By carefully choosing the furnishings completely according to the customer's wishes and perfectly optimising the acoustics, this room exceeds all expectations.

In a close cooperation between client, lighting and home automation specialist JNV and Mutrox, this project ended up being a great success. The cinema is gratefully used several days a week!


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